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Bulk Aggregates

Glen Echo has the foundation & the finishing touches for those outdoor projects.

If large quantities of stone, mulch are soils are required, you may want to buy in bulk.

Aggregates, Mulch and Soil are used in some or all landscape projects.  Quality soil is essential for healthy plant growth and the first building block to a successful garden.  Materials like stones and mulch are often incorporated into your outdoor green space for aesthetics and structure.  Combined, you can be confident you have created a healthy environment that is also inviting.

Limestone Screening

It is typically used as the final layer in base preparation for laying patio or interlocking stones. It can also be used for driveway or walkway / pathway projects. It’s generally great for leveling, so it’s often used in regrading and is commonly used on baseball diamonds.

¾” Crusher Run

¾” Crusher run is a very popular choice to create hard packed surfaces, such as bases for roads, and it’s also commonly used to in driveway construction. It ranges from silt to ¾” angular stones which allows for better inter-locking ability than smooth stones and will allow water to drain.

Clear Gravel

This limestone product is mainly used in drainage projects, under concrete & can be mixed in concrete. There is very little settling that occurs with this product. It is frequently used for drainage under foundations, around weeping tile or under decks and more.


High Performance Blend is a versatile product consisting of ¼” angular, washed limestone material that is both free draining and deters soil migration. Compaction equipment is not required as it is 97% compacted and greatly reduces settling versus crushed stone and sand.

3/8” Pea Gravel

A round gravel stone free of any sand or foreign material. It is usually grey in colour and is primarily used for drainage purposes. Many people use it in walk ways to keep dust and stone particles down or as a decorative accent in landscaping. Does not compact well.

River Rock

2” to 4” or 4” to 6” river rock or riverstone is used in decorative landscaping applications. Smaller river rock is frequently used for garden beds & walkways while the larger riverstone sizes tend to be used more in decorative applications as the they are less suited for walking on.

Pink Quartz

This unique pink quartz has very decorative qualities and will add a chic style to your driveway or high traffic pathways. Also suitable for your garden beds, this age-old natural stone has a rich pink to red hue that will provide a beautiful accent to your landscaping design.

Brick Sand

Brick sand has a fine texture and is frequently used in creating mortar for brick and stone work. It’s also often used in the construction of above ground swimming pools, and in sandboxes. Brick sand can also be mixed with heavier clay soils for use in certain drainage applications.

White Marble Decorative Stone

This is a beautiful stone product used almost exclusively in decorating your outdoor spaces. It is the perfect embellishment around trees, pool areas and gardens. It can also be used for driveway or walkway / pathway projects. This decorative marble stone can help soil retain moisture and to keep weeds down when applied in a thick layer of about 3” deep.

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