Garlic Bulbs

Please Note:  All varieties may not be available as inventory changes quickly.  Please call 905-584-9973  or  905-584-1475 for the most up to date information.  Or visit our location at 15070 Airport Rd.,  Caledon East

Elephant Garlic

Massive bulbs grow to nearly half a kilogram! Not really garlic, but it does a great impression. Elephant Garlic is actually a cold-hardy type of leek, though its fantastic size and mellow garlic flavour make it an excellent substitute for mild hardneck types. The large, 4 cm cloves peel easily and imparts a wonderfully rich taste to your favourite recipes. Harvested in late summer, this is an excellent keeper, lasting up to a year in the pantry or a cupboard. Yield: 4-6 extra-large cloves per bulb.

Legacy Garlic

Legacy is an Old Heirloom that arrived in Canada sometime in the early 1800's. A hardnecked, Rocambole type garlic that is treasured for its exceptionally rich smooth flavor. The legacy has attractive red to pink skinned cloves that is moderately spicy when first harvested and mellows with time. Great for roasting, peels easily, and stores well (approx 4-6 mos). Plant in fall and harvest in mid to late summer.

Not available in 2023

Metechi Garlic

This hot and spicy purple stripe member of the hardneck family is packed with great garlic flavour, is so easy to grow and is a vigorous grower. Harvest Metechi in late summer to enjoy its zestiness in fall and winter stews, soups, sautés and more. Garlic lasts a long time when stored properly, and this one can be put away until the following spring. Yield: 5-7 large cloves per bulb.

Mexican Purple Garlic

Mexican purple is a purple stripe hardneck variety of gourmet garlic that's becoming a very popular variety. It has a hot raw flavour and becomes milder when baked — a great baking variety! Mexican purple produces eight to sixteen cloves per bulb. It stores well and keeps for up to six months.

Regular Garlic

It is the only soft-necked garlic we stock but is quite a treat. Regular white garlic has a mild but rich earthy flavour which makes it an excellent choice for cooks who love garlic without the overpowering spiciness that sometimes accompanies it. This standard type is highly productive and quite adaptable to many soils and climates. Harvested in late summer, it can be stored until the following spring. Store garlic by braiding bulbs together and some love the way it looks hanging in your kitchen. Yield: 9-24 small to medium cloves per bulb


Originating in Siberia, this large bulbed, purple striped garlic yields about 6 cloves per bulb. An early season garlic harvest from very strong plants, this variety produces quite a bit of garlic heat! A very beautiful garlic bulb with skins that are dark brown in color but the insides are creamy white with LOTS of heat. Loves cold weather.

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