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Artisan™ Tomatoes

Featuring a complex taste and texture - a superior tomato!

A Guide to Heirloom Artisan Tomatoes

Understand the uniqueness and desirable traits of artisan tomatoes.

If you have been gardening for a while, you have probably heard of heirloom or artisan tomatoes. They are a great addition to any garden!

Artisan™ Tomatoes are a new group of small, striped fruit bred to create a tomato with complex flavor, texture and the beauty of heirlooms – a superior quality tomato.  The Artisan Tiger series are an exciting new class of elongated, cracking tolerant cherry tomatoes with superb flavour while the Artisan Bumble Bee category is a cherry tomato variety sure to create excitement with its extraordinary beauty and superb flavour. 


Pink Bumble Bee

An alluring combination of light pinks, yellows & oranges. It was bred for maximum production with a bright, very sweet flavour. Can grow in containers.

Green Tiger

An abundance of julienne-type fruits are striped with yellow & green with a green interior. Popular for the exceptionally sweet, juicy, tropical flavours.

Purple Bumble Bee

Petite in size but prolific producers, these stunning little beauties are purple-red with metallic green stripes & offer a straight up tomato flavour.


Lucky Tiger

As it ripens, the green striping becomes more defined & the background turns red as the interior marbling develops. It has an excellent sweet, tart flavour.

Sunrise Bumble Bee

A yellow cherry tomato with pink marbling & yellow stripes. The marbling increases with maturity. It has a bright, sweet and tropical flavour.

Pink Tiger

Signature julienne shape with pink fruit striped with orange. Sought after for their extraordinarily sweet, juicy tropical flavour. Can ripen off the vine or naturally.


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