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Cherry Tomatoes & Hybrid Tomatoes

Tomatoes are divine, right off the vine!

Cherry and hybrid tomatoes, renowned for their nutritional value, can add depth to your garden. Read below for a quick guide to cherry tomatoes & hybrid tomatoes.

Cherry Tomatoes & Hybrid Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are divine, right off the vine!  These bite-size treats are easy to grow – even if you are new to gardening.  They ripen quicker than large tomatoes, which is great news for Ontario gardeners.  Hybrid Cherry/Grape tomatoes are the best of their parents!  They have been bred for flavour, size, shape, colour and a reliable crop that will ripen more evenly.  Our guide to cherry tomatoes explains how you can grow cherry tomatoes in so many locations, including container gardening. With a little maintenance & a whole bunch of sun, these fantastic varieties of cherry tomatoes will not disappoint. Choose your size, shape & colour. 

Black Cherry

An heirloom cherry tomato that features a very unique dark colour, a round shape and has a sweet rich flavour. This small, bite-sized fruit are easily grown.

Red Candy

A small, cylindrical, grape shaped tomato is uniform in shape. A productive plant, it is quite red and very sweet with a high sugar content.

Chocolate Sprinkles

Bite-sized, cherry-type fruits are beautifully colored - red striped with dark green - that explode with rich, robust flavor. A highly productive plant.


Provides loads of firm, red grape sized tomatoes that are so deliciously sweet you can pop them right into your mouth! Piles of pleasing snacking tomatoes.

Cupid V. F.

Cupid advances to the next level in the areas of quality, flavour, yields & holding ability. A vigorous plant, this meaty, bright red fruit is also quite crack resistant.

Tumbler Hybrid

Excellent for hanging baskets & containers, these plants provide cascades of wonderfully sweet fruit that will tumble over the edge of containers.

Mountain Glory

A beautiful new pink hybrid tomato with a very robust disease resistance. You will enjoy a generous harvest of large beefsteak tomatoes weighing in at 12-14 oz. that have an excellent flavour with the right balance of acid & sugar.

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