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Orgunique® Liquid Fertilizers

Consider organic fertilizers - Good for you and the environment.

Proudly Canadian for over 40 years TerraLink Horticulture has been manufacturing professional quality goods for the horticulture industry in Abbotsford, British Columbia.  Terralink offers a complete line of lawn and garden products for the Canadian gardener, utilizing unique and cutting-edge ingredients.

Orgunique® Liquid Fertilizers
Delivers quick results, as nutrients are easily absorbed by both roots and leaves.
Pure concentrates and free of added water.
All Orgunique fertilizers are now certified organic with Ecocert!

Orgunique® General Purpose Plant Food 3-1-3

Organic concentrate for all types of plants including annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetables, tropicals and landscapes plants.

Orgunique® Fruit and Berry Plant Food 2-1-2

Organic concentrate specially formulated for fruit trees, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc. Produces high quality fruit with good taste and long shelf life.

Orgunique® Tomato and Vegetable Plant Food 3-1-4

Organic concentrate to improve quality and yield in veggies. Formulated to meet the high nutritional standards of vegetative, fruiting and flowering stages.

Orgunique® BioFish Plant Food 3-1-2

Organic, deodorized fish based concentrate for all plants. A complete fertilizer or supplement for increasing organic matter and improving soil structure.

Orgunique® Orchid Plant Food 2-2-1

Organic concentrate specially formulated for orchids. Orchids like to be fed regularly. Promotes healthy plants and long lasting, beautiful blooms.

Orgunique® House Plant Food 2-1-3

Organic concentrate with added micronutrients for stem and leaf growth. Grow healthy and strong indoor and tropical plants with no unpleasant odour.

Orgunique Bone Meal Plus 4-13-0 + 13Ca

Organic - use with bulbs, roses, perennials, shrubs, trees & cacti. Derived from sterilized fish bone meal, guano soft rock phosphate and humic acid.

Orgunique® Kelp Boost 0-0-3

Organic emulsion made from highest grade Canadian Atlantic kelp. An ideal plant supplement that increases vigour and boosts all growth stages.

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