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Nesti Dante Luxury Italian Soaps

Beautifully crafted, triple-milled soap bars by Nesti Dante, made in the heart of Tuscany Italy. Nesti Dante was founded in 1945 when, at age 12, creator Dante Nesti began making soap in his own home. Utilizing traditional methods and raw materials, Nesti Dante soap is completely natural, 100% biodegradable and against animal testing. Let the wonderful fragrance of this handmade soap transport you to Italy and beyond with a heady blend of natural extracts and botanicals.


Nesti Dante - Emozioni in Toscana - Giordino Fiorito

Giordino Fiorito - Blooming Garden: The captivating scent of a Tuscan spring garden in full bloom awakens and excites the senses. Formulated with Italian olive oil to ensure a delicate, hydrating soap bar that maintains it's shape and scent. Use the beautiful paper to line drawers after unwrapping. 250 grams.

Nesti Dante - Emozioni in Toscana - Campagna Dorata

Campagna Dorata - The Golden Countryside: The magical Tuscan countryside boasts an abundance of sweet poppies give rise to this warm, deeply satisfying soap. Awaken the senses with this generous 250 grams soap bar that works to hydrate and soften dry, tired skin. Made in Florence, Italy.

Nesti Dante - Emozioni in Toscana - Borghi e Monasteri

Borghi e Monasteri - Villages & Monasteries: A beautiful tribute to historic Tuscany, this extra long lasting soap bar ties together earth and heaven with a bouquet of woody incense. Made with high quality ingredients that develop a rich lather to effectively cleanse and soften skin. Made with love and care in Florence.

Nesti Dante - Emozioni in Toscana -

The woody, green notes of a Tuscan forest combine to present a beautiful fragrance designed to rejuvenate the skin. Nesti Dante uses the finest plant-based ingredients and fragrances, which are carefully tested for effectiveness. Wrapped in beautiful Florentine paper that is both tactile and an object of admiration. Made with love and care in Italy. 250 grams.

Nesti Dante - Il Frutteto - Citron & Bergamot

This radiant soap gives off sunny notes of bergamot to reveal an enchanting hearth of citrusy freshness. Leaves you feeling refreshed and smelling of bergamot which is citrusy with plenty of spiciness, slightly fruity and tarty as well as slightly floral. Its smell is spicier than the smell of lemon and bitter compared to the smell of oranges.

Nesti Dante - Il Frutteto - Fig & Almond Milk Soap

Nesti Dante best seller this olive oil-based soap is inspired by Tuscan orchards. Enriched with almond protein to soften and soothe the skin, this soap is beautifully blended with notes of green fig. Wrapped in the traditional Florentine paper that after use can be used as a drawer liner.

Nesti Dante - Il Frutteto - Olive Oil & Tangerine

This natural soap, made of pure olive oil, is particularly mild and effective on all types of skin and ages, both on the young and sensitive and on the more mature and respect needed.

Nesti Dante - With Love and Care - Aqua Dea Marine

Nesti Dante's Aqua Dea Marine soap features soft sea inspired notes that pay tribute to water... the symbol of life, purity and rebirth. Nesti Dante crafts each exquisite soap bar with love and care which produces a highly fragrant, long lasting soap. All ingredients are from sustainable sources.

Nesti Dante - With Love and Care - De Ambra Papaver

Invigorate the senses during your cleansing ritual with the Nesti Dante Ambra Papaver No. 9; a triple-milled natural vegetal soap that combines rare, high-quality biodegradable ingredients with refined and precious oils. Boiled in large cauldrons in a lengthy and traditional saponification process to maintain the optimum balance and protect the aromas, the De Ambra Papaver bar unleashes opulent notes of Amber blended with the mystic voluptuousness of Red Poppy to leave your skin smelling divine. Free from parabens, mineral oil and sulphates. Vegan-friendly. Made in Italy.

Nesti Dante - With Love and Care - Limonum Zagara

The lively freshness of Citrus fruits is enriched with the sophisticated touch of precious Orange Blossom. A triple-milled vegetal & fragrant soap bar. Creates a rich lather to delicately cleanse without drying out skin. Formulated with an active ingredient of lemon to deeply purify & protect skin. Scented with citrus fruits to deliver lively freshness. Leaves body skin soft smooth & nourished. Free of mineral oils parabens petrochemicals sulphates & synthetic surfactants. Vegan friendly & made in Italy.

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