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Dahlia Tubers 2023

Dahlias come in many different patterns, textures, and colors—the types are innumerable. Stunning dahlias are actually fairly easy to grow. Grown from tubers not bulbs, you can start dahlias indoors in early spring, and then plant them outdoors once the danger of frost has passed. Or, you can wait until the soil has warmed in the spring, and then plant the tubers directly outdoors.  They do require at least 6-8 hours of sun a day, so be mindful to plant your Dahlia tubers in a sunny location.

 Plant tubers two to six inches deep, depending on variety. The plants need good air circulation to thrive, so place smaller varieties about 12 inches apart and large cultivars up to three feet apart. Once planted, water them regularly, and fertilize them promptly when new growth appears.

Dahlias require the one-time task of pinching off the tops, once the tubers have sprouted and formed branches. Wait until three sets of branches appear, and then top the stem just above the highest set of branches. This pruning tactic encourages the plant to grow more branches, thus creating more blooms. Within months, you’ll be treated to a garden full of stunning, colourful and oversized blooms. It is necessary to deadhead your faded blooms to keep the plant looking tidy and to encourage flowering.

Dahlias are late season bloomers.  They bloom from mid-summer through the first frost and are available in a vast array of colors, patterns, sizes, and flower forms. Plant size ranges from compact border varieties to species that have plate-sized blossoms atop 6-foot plants. Despite this diversity, most dahlias grow on long, erect stems that give the blooms room to show off.  However, pet lovers beware, as this species of flower is toxic to both dogs and cats.

Our friendly knowledgeable staff can help you choose the Dahlia that is best for you.  Here are a number of examples we have in this year.


AC Dark Horse

For intensity of color, it’s hard to match the large, purple-red blossoms of this outstanding Dahlia - a vivid Semi-cactus variety. The pointed petals are tipped and variously streaked in white, an effect that only accentuates the rich color.


From Blue Lavender to Periwinkle, this is the the most blue you will find in a Dahlia. This is an entirely new shade and when you see these big, beautiful, 5–6" blooms in in your garden bed, you will be glad you did. This is a compact and very study plant of 3 ½’. Great cut flower and a real eye catcher!


You may have to stake this spectacular supersized Dahlia. It is large in height and diameter and is very heavy headed. A huge dinner plate Dahlia with fiery blooms of loosely arranged petals tipped in golden yellow hues is a show stopper. Stunning both out in the garden or as a cut flower.

Brigitta Alida

Large deep, sultry red blooms that can be up to 10" in diameter! Plant in full sun, and remove side buds so you only have one main flower from the central stem for best chances of large blooms. Giant dinnerplate dahlia variety. Grows to a height of 40 inches. Blooms in summer until frost. Makes a statement.

Bristol Stripe

Perfectly formed, fully double blooms nearly 9" in diameter atop strong, tall stems. These mammoth flowers are jam-packed with layer after layer of striking, variegated violet-and-white petals--so no two blooms will look exactly the same!

Café Au Lait Rose

This giant dinnerplate dahlia is truly magnificent. The 20-25cm (8-10") fully double flowers are rose-pink with a hint of lavendar. Long-blooming, they begin flowering from midsummer until frost. Cafe Au Lait Rose grows up to 120cm (4') tall. They make excellent cut flowers and are best grown in full sun.

Clyde's Choice

Dahlia Clyde’s Choice is a huge dinner plate sized variety. Huge 12″ blooms of bronze orange and is a leader in its class for exhibition. Dahlia Clyde’s Choice grows up to 120cm and bears enormous bronze coloured soft flower heads.

Crème Silence

A quirky decorative type cultivar with creamy white flowers with a yellow glow at the centres then irregularly and variably striped with red on stems to 40 inches high. Bright with so much interest, this will be a focal point in your garden.

Deep Impact

This ravishing Dahlia will surely have a big impact in any garden. This radiant dahlia features splendidly shaded flowers with fringed petals that twist and curl. The inner petals of the fully double, 4" blooms are yellow while the outer petals are orange or orange-red.


An over the top Dahlia that will start to show color in 80 days after planting. Bright sunny yellow blooms are ruffled and grow over 10" in diameter! You don't water until you see sprouts as they like to be kept dry prior to sprouting. An excerllent choice, Encore grows up to 4' tall with large showy blooms.

Eva Luna

Big, bright, bold and beautiful! A giant dinnerplate variety with flower in shades of orange to red tips. This lovely tall Dahlia grows to a height of 36 inches. Enjoy the blooms all summer long until frost. Great for cut flowers.

Fairway Spur

One of the largest dahlias, Dahlia 'Fairway Spur' produces an abundance of rich peachy-pink flowers with wonderful wavy petals. The fully double flowers, up to 12-14 in. wide (30-35 cm), are borne atop strong stems 3 to 4 feet tall from summer until frost.

Ferncliff Illusion

An impressive, large, fully double 8-10″ flower with whispy petals of white with a lavender edge. This Dahlia is not top heavy and grows tall in the garden, up to 5 feet in height on very sturdy stems. Love these bicolour Dahlias.


Dinner Plate sized Dahlia produces a profusion of huge and spectacular white flowers, adorned with a touch of ivory at the base of their petals. The fully double flowers, up to 8 ft are borne on long, sturdy stems and bloom from mid-summer to frost. Super tall, it can reach height of 48".

Ginger Snap

A longtime favorite for its unique colour. It is not the biggest flowers, or the most exotic form, but an excellent choice in a waterlily form. A super productive plant, pumping out armloads of golden-apricot colored blooms on long, sturdy stems.


Sensational colour combination of deep rose pink with a hint of apricot and a touch of cream. Spectacular dinner plate dahlia tuber, the petals are ruffled giving extra texture to the flowers which are held on strong stems making it perfect for cut flowers.

Kelvin Floodlight

Perhaps the largest of all, this giant dahlia or 'Dinner Plate Dahlia' features huge and magnificent, bright, sunny yellow blossoms. Such an appealing focal point! The impressive fully double flowers of 'Kelvin Floodlight', up to 10-12 in. (25-30 cm), are not top-heavy and remain upright and straight, even when it rains. Blooming massively from midsummer until frost, this dahlia grows up to 36 ...

Kenora Macop-B

A sophisticated looking bloom that produces masses of large 10" deep maroon flowers with small yellow centers when fully open, they are often used as a cut flower. The very showy Dahlia blooms tend to form between the early summer and the early autumn.

La Luna

Ooh la la - Lush plants that produce masses of 10” sized blooms. The fully double, Dinnerplate blooms in varying shades of pale yellow and white glow as bright as the moon. The generously sized, informal decorative form flowers, some detailed with golden stripes, create brilliant highlights.


Dahlia Labyrinth is sure to bring your garden alive this summer with its huge, showy flowers with waves of yellow, pink and apricot tones. Labyrinth is a beautiful peach dahlia with an interesting contorted petal shape and makes an excellent fresh cut flower.

Manhattan Island

A striking variety with giant dinnerplate sized blooms. Flowers range in colour from bold red to orange with pops of yellow and hints of purple. Grows to a height of 36 inches. Blooms in summer until frost. Great for cut flowers. Blooming from summer to fall, they are a parade of color.

Myrtle's Folly

If you like the combination of peach and pink, you’ll love ‘Myrtle’s Folly’, whose narrow, twisted petals of deep pink and light orange mature to reveal a yellow center. Quite a tall Dahlia that typically grows anywhere from 3 to 6 feet from summer to first frost.

Nadia Ruth

Such a beautifully whimsical flower. When looking at this Dahlia, we are reminded of coral in the sea. The deeply fringed blooms of 'Nadia Ruth' feature a delicate ombre effect, with soft pink outer petals and white in the centre. Blooms are 4" with the plant growing to 4 feet in height.

Penhill Watermelon

The enormous flowers will have the neighbours talking. An eye-catching Dinner Plate Dahlia with huge and magnificent, watermelon-pink blossoms adorned with long, twisting and twirling petals. Fully double up to an incredible 12" wide atop 40"-48" sturdy stems. Blooms mid-summer to frost.

Purple Taiheijo

This informal, decorative Dahlia has spectacular violet-red blooms that can grow to a whopping 12 inches in diameter. Staking is recommended for these gigantic blooms, especially in windy locations. The flowers are so large that it will take a few weeks longer than smaller varieties to bloom.

Shiloh Noelle

Huge and easy to grow, this dinnerplate dahlia will produce a bloom up to 10 inches across! Even though this flower is incredibly large, it is beautifully ruffled in a lovely and elegant pale lavender. Impressive in height at 40" tall to match it's massive blooms.

Sir Alf Ramsey

A very special Dahlia that can be a very rare find, it truly stands out. Very tall at 42", it is upright, fast growing and able to support the giant 10" - 12" flower heads. The lush, lavender-pink fully double blooms have white centres and are packed with layer after layer of beautifully formed petals.


Add drama to your garden with this outrageous dinnerplate Dahlia. Produces profuse, huge, velvety, black-crimson flowers with wonderful wavy petals. The fully double flowers, up to 9 in. wide (22 cm), are borne atop strong stems from summer to frost.

Stars Favorite

Cactus Dahlias add such interest to any garden and this one does not disappoint. The flowers of this type of dahlia are completely double. It has narrow, pointed velvety petals that curve elegantly to the face of the 4" - 6" bloom. A profusion of spectacular soft pink flowers blending to ivory at the heart on strong stems that reach only 1' to 2'.


This Dahlia will steal the show! A very uniquely coloured flower, it consists of a striking two-toned blend of deep burgundy's and whites. Huge and lucious, the gently ruffled, velvety wine red petals are magnificently tipped in white. 36" tall with 7" - 8" fully double flowers that bloom profusely from summer to frost.

Yara Falls

A decorative dinnerplate Dahlia that has bold, double, magenta with white tipped flowers in the summer. Grows to a height of 40 inches with blooms of 6-8". A dahlia with a fresh and cheerful look because of its curled petals will have you smiling all summer long..

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