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Glen Echo Nurseries stocks seasoned Ash Firewood which is considered the best overall Firewood.  Ash is readily available and it is a very dense wood but easily split.  It has a long lasting burn rate while producing low smoke levels.

You may be wondering what ‘seasoned’ firewood is.  Basically, it means sufficiently ‘dried’.  It is an old term that refers to a time when firewood was the only way to heat your home.  People would stack a lot of firewood in the Spring and let it dry throughout the summer.  In late fall it would have had the ‘season’ to get dry enough to use for indoor firewood.

Unseasoned or green wood can be downright dangerous to burn indoors as it produces much more smoke, creates creosote that will build up in your chimneys and could lead to chimney fires.  Seasoned firewood is much safer, starts quickly, burns hotter and has that lovely aroma of naturally burning wood that we love.

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