The Do’s & Don’ts of Dormant Oil

Thinking of using dormant oils for a mite infestation? Check this out first! Dormant oils were originally developed centuries ago to combat stubborn scale and mite infestations on fruit trees. At first, these oils were heavy and poorly refined, making them unsafe to use on woody plants after they have broken winter dormancy. Nowadays, horticultural […]

A Guide for Starting Indoor Seeds

It’s that time of year again! After a long hard winter, we are all looking forward to spring.  It also signals that it is time to think about starting your indoor seeds.  Plants like tomatoes are generally started at the end of March, about 8 weeks before they are to be planted outside. And about […]

Living With Deer or Rabbits

You’ve just seen a deer, what a thrilling sight, until you realize it’s in the middle of your perennial border digging under the snow and munching on your plants! All your hard work and money going down the drain or rather going down the deer’s throat. Winters with a lot of deep snow, make it […]

Indoor plant lighting

The biggest challenge for most houseplant owners is getting the required lighting level. Here is a list of plants and the corresponding light levels to help you place them in your home and garden environment. Plants that Tolerate Low Light* (Dim Reading Level) Plants that need medium light (good light but little direct sun light) […]

Seven Vegetables to get you off to a Good Start

These seven vegetables are reliable, productive and easy to grow. We have indicated how many of each to plant in the 10-by-15-foot (3 by-4.5m) sample bed. However, choose vegetables you and your family enjoy. There’s no point growing peas if no on will eat them. Be sure to harvest regularly to keep plants producing more. […]

Clean Air Plants

Did you know plants can clean the air? If you’ve ever had a headache, cough or sore throat, these could be symptoms or “Sick Building Syndrome”. Until recently indoor air pollution was not considered a health threat. But today’s more tightly sealed homes, while reducing fuel bills, also recede air exchange allowing pollutants to accumulate. […]