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All about Garden Pro Liquids with Kelp Extract

Used for thousands of years by seaside dwellers for food, agriculture and more recently for medicinal and cosmetic purposes, kelp packs a powerful punch in providing a storehouse of health and nutritional benefits. Although the kelp family embodies over 30 genera, the most widely researched species is a type of brown algae, Ascophyllum nodosum (Norwegian kelp, knotted kelp) which hails from our very own Canadian waters. Found exclusively in the northern hemisphere, it grows in the Atlantic inter-tidal zone from the Arctic circle to the Northeastern United States and along the coast of Northern Europe. The premium harvesting areas are the pristine and productive waters off the provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. This area endures the most extreme tidal activity in the world, with fluctuations between tides in the Bay of Fundy as much as 14 meters (48 feet). As a result, Ascophyllum nodosum has developed unique survival strategies to withstand severe environmental challenges, from lying in salty seawater on the bottom of the ocean in the freezing cold, to basking in intense sun exposure during the lowest tides of summer.

Through many years of research, scientists have found that Ascophyllum nodosum extract contains a complex mixture of carbohydrates and polysaccharides, organic and amino acids, macro- and micronutrients and plant growth regulators, including auxins, gibberellins and cytokinins. The use of the kelp extract equates to some astonishing benefits to plant growth and vigor including larger, more abundant roots; thicker stems with more lateral branching, resulting in a larger plant; increased fruit size and sweetness with a longer-lasting shelf life and overall faster establishment. As well, the plant is more capable of fighting off diseases and pest attacks, tolerating environmental hardships such as extreme hot or cold temperatures, drought and excessive salt levels in soil.

Garden Pro Fertilizers with Kelp Extract

Fast acting GardenPro concentrated blended liquids with kelp extract provide a complete balance of nutrients and are easy to mix and apply either to foliage or soil.

  • GardenPro Transplanter 5-15-5: Helps build a bigger root system to get plants off to a healthy start. Recommended for all plants at the time of transplanting, then twice more every other week to aid in pest- and disease-resistance. Can be used in conjunction with bonemeal for a long term supply of phosphorus. With humic acid to aid in root growth. Each 1kg bottle makes 74 liters.
  • GardenPro Tomato Food 9-11-11: Immediately noticeable results in plant vigor; provides superior resistance to diseases common to tomatoes.
  • GardenPro All Purpose 10-10-10: A complete balance of macro- and micronutrients for use on all container grown plants, indoors and outdoors.
  • GardenPro Quick Green with Iron 5-0-0+7.2Fe: Contains nitrogen and iron to quickly green up pale, chlorotic leaves, and a burst of fresh growth. For use indoors and outdoors on houseplants, leafy vegetables, annuals, perennials & shrubs.
  • GardenPro Rose Food 5-17-12: A low nitrogen, high phosporus and potassium blend to reduce excessive growth, produce an abundance of flowers and increase resistance to pests, diseases and environmental stress. A great way to jump start rose season

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