We’re Excited About Our New Look – We Hope You Are Too!

Spring means new beginnings and at Glen Echo it means we spring into action

Maybe that’s not new – but its true!  We always love our spring openings!  Spring brings a lot of new products to our door for both inside and out.  Glen Echo Nurseries is one of the largest suppliers of annuals, perennials, nursery stock and caliper trees in the area.  Although that is not new – we do get a lot of new nursery stock in every year.

It is the perfect time to grab the best selection of seeds and handy ready to use seed tray kits.

Grow healthier plants faster with 100% Organic Coconut Coir

  • All natural and eco-friendly.
  • All-purpose kits include pellets, tray and humidity dome.
  • Coconut coir pellets are dried and compressed for great water retention and air permeability.


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