The sound of water rushing over rocks, bubbling and splashing over pebbles and swirling amongst plants in your very own backyard oasis is something that almost anyone can have these days.

A water feature is something that can be tailored for any backyard. Whether it’s a full ecosystem with fish and plants or a simple fountain feature placed in the perfect secluded corner, water is everywhere in the garden these days.

We carry everything that you need to customize your own water garden, big or small, and you can even install it yourself! Start by picking the area that you want to incorporate the water feature into and measure the dimensions. Once the design is underway, we can help you choose all the right elements to make the most of gravity and nature.

For the eco conscious gardener or those living on well water there is a new rainwater exchange program that can help you to conserve water by catching rainwater in an underground storage basin and using a pond or fountain cycling the water through and allowing access for watering nearby gardens. It is a simple system using aquablocks and a regular water feature kit.

There are many options for small spaces from a table top fountain to a basin sunk into the ground with a bubbling rock or spitter placed on top. Container water gardening is a new trend that incorporates plants into a small ecosystem with moving water and the options are endless.

For those who have the space a natural ecosystem can be created with just a pond kit, some rocks, some water and plants. Easy and fun to do a pond or pondless waterfall can be built and enjoyed in just a weekend! Add some fish to complete the ecosystem and enjoy.

The plants and fish work together to clean the water and keep a healthy ecosystem in your pond but, sometimes mother nature likes to add a little challenge. Due to our extreme temperature fluctuations in our zone we can find ourselves battling green algae buildup. There are a number of natural, chemical-free, fish and pet friendly options to get rid of the algae. Barley straw and liquid barley extract are a tried and true method as well as several other lines of treatments specifically created to clean the water but, the newest item on the market is an Iongen by Aquascape that changes the ionization of the water preventing the algae from blooming. We have one in use here for all to see.

  • Drastically reduces pond maintenance
  • Crystal clear water without the use of chemicals
  • Eliminates unsightly water conditions
  • Simple to install
  • Safe for fish and plants
  • Energy efficient (less than $1 a month in electricity cost)
  • Treats ponds up to 25, 0000 gallons

Choosing plants to complete the ecosystem in your pond is the most enjoyable step. We carry a wide variety of hardy marginal plants and water lilies which will thrive in zone 5 water gardens.

Waterproof Plants

Bog Plants

Bog plants, like marginal plants, are often seen in sunny, moos, low-lying areas just beyond a pond's edge. Unlike marginals, however, bog plants do not like their roots to be submerged in standing water and suffer if these soil dries out completely. Plants that thrive in bog condition includes:

American pitcher plant(Sarracenia spp.)
Bog gentian(Gentiana catesbaei)
Grass pink(Calopogon spp.)
False spirea(Astilbe spp.)
Orange milkwort(Polygala lutea)
Primrose(Primula spp.)
Swamp milkweed(Asclepias incarnata)
Sundew(Drosera spp.)
Venus flytrap(Dionaea musicpula)
Umbrella plant(Darmera peltata)

Marginal plants are those that reside along the edge of a pond or in shallow water where they create a habitat for many amphibians and insects. They thrive in soggy soils and don't mind having their roots covered with water, yet can tolerate occasional periods where the soil dries out completely. In man-made water features, these plants can be grown in pots that are set in shallow water or planted directly in specially created bogs along the edge of the pond. A few good marginal plants include:

Arrowhead(Sagittaria spp.)
Bog arum(Calla palustris)
Bowles golden sedge(Carex elata 'Aurea')
Cardinal flower(Labelia cardinalis)
Daylily(Hemerocallis hybrids)
Great bulrush(Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani)
Hardy water canna(Thalia dealbata)
Iris(Iris laevigata, I. versicolor, I. ensata)
Lizard's tail(Saururus cernuus)
Marsh marigold(Caltha palustris)
Pickerelweed(Pontederia cordata)
Rush(Juncus effusius)
Sweet flag(Acorus calamus)
Watercress(Nasturtium officinale)

Also important in the continuing health of your pond is the use of floating plants to shade the water and provide more oxygen. Our Water Hyacinth and Water lettuce arrives around the May long weekend when the weather is warm enough to leave them out. Fresh water plants will arrive regularly through the season and our helpful staff will guide you in picking what you need for your oasis, large or small.

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