Trees, Evergreens, Shrubs

Trees are an extremely important part of our yards and indeed our lives.

If there were no trees we likely not be here as they produce oxygen and act as a giant filter to clean the air! They can be used as a wind break or when positioned correctly will create shade for our homes and yards or screen that unsightly view. They will actually increase the value of our properties.

Trees and shrubs generally fall into two categories: Evergreens which have green foliage throughout the year or deciduous which lose their leaves in the fall.

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A tremendous selection of flowering shrubs, dwarf evergreens, topiaries and vines are waiting for you in a friendly and accessible display.

We have a large selection of deciduous trees and evergreens in our front display area, both potted and in wire baskets or you can pick trees in the field to be dug.

It’s a great experience visiting our 38 acre farm.

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Are there plants you need but not on our list? Please contact us as we work together with several wholesale nurseries in the area.