All About Clematis Varieties – Part 2

Killian Donahue

One of the most dramatic clematis ever. Early flowers open ruby red, mature to brilliant fuchsia and lavender pink highlights with an orchid edge.

Sapphire Indigo

Stunning masses of long lasting dark purple blooms fade to deep blue with a nearly continuous blooming habit. Quickly reaches 3’- 4’ high & wide.

Kivso Piilu

Extremely heavy bloomer from late spring to fall. Mauve pink flowers have wavy edges with a deep pink central stripe. Compact reaching 4’ to 6’.

The President

Large star shaped flowers are up to 7” across, in shades of rich violet-blue. Blooms blanket the long-lived vines every year in 2 waves through to fall.

Lincoln Star

A true gem, this heritage clematis features bright raspberry-pink flowers that have pale edges and bright green leaves. Blooms in May, June and September.

Vancouver™ Cotton Candy

The name is a perfect fit as the large 6” to 8” raspberry red flushed white tepals shine against a sunshine yellow stamen.

Perrin’s Pride

Soft bronzy purple flowers on old and new growth result in a very long bloom season. Petals recurving at tips give this clematis an attractive rounded look.

Vancouver™ Plum Gorgeous

Velvety, plum coloured blooms that fade to a purple-blue with a sheen that creates a luminous effect from June to September.


A very consistent performer, it features large, single pale lavender blue flowers with contrasting red anthers blooming from June to September.

Vancouver™ Starry Nights

Star shaped purple-blue flowers with red highlights shimmer as if dusted with gold as they age and fade - from late spring to early fall.


Possibly the best red Clematis, it produces an abundance of stunning, large, velvety, deep vivid red star shaped flowers with wispy creamy yellow stamens.

Venosa Violacea

Bred in 1883, it is one of the long established favourites. Produces a profusion of deep purple, velvety, 4” flowers with a prominent white stripe.


Low maintenance, produces 4-5” sapphire blue flowers, whose color intensity increases with age. Blue-purple blooms are accented with golden stamens.

Ville de Lyon

Very large, showy profuse carmine red flowers with gold stamens covers the vine for most of the summer. Incredibly free flowering & can grow quickly.

Rouge Cardinal

Also known as Red Cardinal, tend to range in colour from a deep magenta to a crimson red depending on the environment. Bloom mid summer than again in fall.

Vyvyan Pennell

Large double or semi-double frilly, flowers in spring and single flowers later in the year. Colour varies as well from silvery-lilac-mauve to lavender blue.


Clematis terniflora

A Japanese clematis commonly called Sweet Autumn. It blooms in late summer to fall and has a sweet fragrance. Features 1” aromatic pure white flowers in a profuse bloom which typically covers the foliage. The plant is a fast-growing flowering vine that’s known for its fragrant and beautiful blooms. Its ability to climb up garden structures such as trellises, arbors, walls or fences also makes stand out.

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