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Green Earth Organic Muskie Fish Emulsion Fertilizer 5-1-1

A natural all purpose option for plants and your lawn.

Fast acting fish fertilizer is an nutrient rich organic option used from fish parts that would otherwise be wasted.

A natural organic plant food made from by-products of the fishing industry.  It is high in nitrogen which is essential for healthy fruits and vegetables.  It is ideal for keeping all sorts of greenery on your property looking lush and beautiful. It naturally and organically feeds and nourishes. From trees to grass, shrubs, vegetables   and more, there’s almost no limit to its uses.

  • A plant food suitable for general garden use including vegetables & flowers
  • Formulated from fresh water fish waste
  • Water Soluble granules
  • Non-burning and long lasting
  • Economical concentrate

Size:  1kg

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