A Guide to Shrub Roses

A perfect choice for our northern climate.

Prolific and full of fragrance, these resilient roses are Canadian born and bred

Shrub Roses are hardy, tough, disease resistant and yet, very easy to grow. They are prolific bloomers and have a spicy rose fragrance. With an average growth height of 5’ tall and 4’ wide, they make terrific hedges, create a wonderful backdrop or work well as specimen shrubs. Many of these are Canadian born & bred so you can be sure they thrive in our Northern climates.

AC Navy Lady

An excellent, proudly Canadian rose, this hardy low growing repeat bloomer is adorned with flushes of wine-red semi-double flowers throughout the growing season.


Felix Lederc Agcan

Canadian bred in the Canadian Artist series, it is smothered in stunning hot pink flowers with pink overtones. Continual blooming - late spring to late summer.


Alexander MacKenzie

A classic Canadian Explorer rose that is appropriately cold tolerant. Grows in lovely red-cupped, medium, double formed red flushes. Recurrent bloomer.


Kosmos Fairy Tale

This relative newcomer looks like a romantic old-fashioned rose. Produces an abundance of creamy white flowers with a pale peach colour in the centre of the bloom.


Aurora Borealis™

This Canadian bred, 3rd addition to the 49th Parallel Collection does not disappoint. Blooming clusters of dramatic sunset pink set against dark green foliage.


Morden Fireglow

One of the truly Canadian hardy shrub roses, it is clothed in stunning scarlet red – red orange flowers – a colour rarely seen in hardy roses. A strong repeat bloomer.



An irresistible variety with large clusters of 2 1/2" soft candy-pink, fully double blooms are produced on arching canes covered with mid-green foliage. Continual blooming shrub.

Oso Easy Double Pink

An unstoppable bloomer! True pink flowers have cheery yellow centres. Excellent disease resistance means good looks with minimal maintenance required.


A Canadian rose from the Canadian Artist series, features hot pink flowers with white overtones and yellow centres. As with all Canadian roses, this one too is very hardy.


Oso Easy Double Red

This memorable lush red rose bush is a little bigger than some growing 3-4’ tall with the same excellent disease resistance, low maintenance & continual rebloomer.

Canadian Shield

This classic red, low maintenance landscape rose was bred to be winter hardy. It is a prolific repeat bloomer that is stunning throughout the entire season.


Party Hardy™

“Party” because of it’s big, old fashioned, bright pink blooms that arrive in showy clusters. “Hardy” because it is another Canadian bred rose and can be planted to Zone 3.


Arguably the most beautiful of the Explorer series with dark velvety red petals that deepen even further at the tips. This rose is an exceptional bloomer - spring until frost.


Peach Perfect

This one is definitely a head turner with its very soft peach double flowers that resemble an old English rose. Blooms in masses over a long season. Stunning from bud to open.


Chinook Sunrise®

Another hardy offering in the Canadian 49th Parallel series, this award winner is a low maintenance rose featuring exotic coral buds that fade to pink blooms.



The first and still one of the finest landscape roses. Eye-catching creamy white double blooms set off by glossy dark green foliage. A very vigorous shrub that is covered in blooms.

Cinderella Fairy Tale

An enchanting bushy shrub that is that is both very healthy and long-lasting. Soft pink, very full old-fashioned flowers adorn this delicate, romantic rose bush.


The Fairy

This exceptional rose gets top marks for vigor, perfect health, hardiness and its super ability to produce graceful clusters of small, charming soft pink rosettes on a low growing shrub.

Emily Carr

The first Canadian rose from the Canadian Artist series, this one features blankets of rich red, disease resistant flowers with exceptional hardiness and continual bloom.

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