Shrub Roses 2023

A perfect choice for our northern climate.

Many of these prolific, resilient roses are fragrant and some are Canadian born & bred.

Shrub Roses are hardy, tough, disease resistant and yet, very easy to grow. They are prolific bloomers and have a spicy rose fragrance. With an average growth height of 5’ tall and 4’ wide, they make terrific hedges, create a wonderful backdrop or work well as specimen shrubs. Many of these are Canadian born & bred so you can be sure they thrive in our Northern climates. Many are also classed as Floribunda roses as well and enjoy all the wonderful attributes associated with them.

AC Navy Lady™

This stunning rose was named to honor the women of the Canadian Navy. It was used to celebrate the Canadian Naval Centennial in 2010, and continues to be a beloved rose today. A hardy perennial shrub with fantastic velvety red, semi-double flowers and long-blooming nature. This hardy shrub rose begins its show in early summer with bright red roses against dark green foliage and emits a lovely light fragrance.

Alexander MacKenzie

An impressive Canadian Rose from the Explorer series. Not only does this rose have an aroma of raspberries, its cupped blooms open from deep raspberry-red buds. They are held in sprays of six to twelve above newly emerged leaves richly tinted with red. The disease resistant foliage take on a dark green sheen as it matures.

Anglia Love

This is an outstanding rose with a frilly English rose style flower. It’s a very healthy, compact plant with a double deep peach-pink blooms. A hardy rose with exceptional disease resistance. Extremely prolific plant with superb looking ultra glossy foliage, glistens to perfection.

At Last

This easy going rose is here, at last! Combines all the romance of a fragrant, fully-petaled tea rose with the practicality of a disease resistant landscape rose as with many Floribunda shrub roses. Enjoy a non-stop display of large, sweetly perfumed sunset-orange blossoms from late spring through frost.

Aurora Borealis™

Canadian Roses Aurora Borealis The bright dancing lights of the aurora are captured in the blooming clusters of this dramatic sunset pink rose set against dark green and glossy foliage. This low-maintenance rose measures one metre in height with a one metre spread and features black spot resistance and winter hardiness across Canada.


An irresistible variety with large clusters of 2 1/2" soft candy-pink, fully double blooms are produced on arching canes covered with mid-green foliage. Continual blooming Floribunda shrub rose is an irresistible variety which produces generous sprays of shell-pink flowers nicely complimented by the dark, glossy foliage.


Campfire Rose features showy clusters of hot pink flowers with white overtones, gold eyes and yellow centers at the ends of the branches from late spring to mid fall. An everblooming, medium size shrub rose that is hardy across Canada. The flowers are excellent for cutting. It has dark green, glossy deciduous foliage.

Carefree Wonder

Carefree Wonder is an easy-to-grow lush, compact, rounded shrub boasting mildly fragrant blooms that continue all season. A spectacular rose bush that produces large, semi-double, cupped blooms in soft, china-pink with a creamy white reverse coloring. She is a disease-resistant, compact bush that blooms profusely with no maintenance.


This popular rose of the Canadian Explorer series features clusters of beautiful double true-red flowers all season long. It has a bushy, upright habit and as an Explorer rose , is known for its hardiness and disease resistance. A top seller of all the red Canadian roses. It loves the sun and will flourish in all climates.

Chinook Sunrise®

Another proud Canadian rose! This is the second addition to Vineland’s 49th Parallel Collection of Roses, a product of Canada’s national rose breeding programme. It features exotic coral buds that fade to pink blooms, soft waves of colour that evoke the warm winds of a prairie chinook. Hardy, disease resistant and low maintenance.

Double Ambre

Glowing shades of amber orange with a stunning double English style flower will make this new introduction popular with gardeners. This floribunda has a stunning bloom style from bud to its long lasting, fully open English bloom. Growth is bushy and dense, and ideal for containers or gardens. Fragrance is fresh and sweet with a hint of green apple.


Easy Elegance® All the Rage

All the Rage is a delightful, multi-colored rose with tight coral buds swirling open to apricot-colored blossoms, accented by luminous yellow centers. The blooms age to lipstick pink. Astonishingly clean, disease-resistant foliage and a perfectly round form, and you have an easy care rose that’s truly All the Rage.

Easy Elegance® Champagne Wishes

Clusters of soft apricot buds open fully to blooms of antique white on the brilliant Champagne Wishes shrub rose. T This repeat-blooming, white-petaled rose is easy-care and brings a fresh light to the garden with white blooms that fade to clear white throughout the season.

Easy Elegance® Coral Cove

Outstanding color, petite size and incredible disease resistance – what more could you want from a rose? This everblooming gem has double blooms whose outer petals are dark pink changing to orange and finally to bright yellow at the center.

Easy Elegance® Grandma's Blessing

Grandma’s Blessing has the classic look of a hybrid tea rose without all of the work. This easy-care shrub rose has large, full, dusty-pink blooms on a symmetrical, vase-shaped form. The pink flowers are accented by highly disease-resistant dark green foliage. The color and shape makes for an elegant low hedge.

Easy Elegance® Oscar Peterson™

Bred in Canada and named after the famous Canadian jazz pianist and composer. Not only is this rose tough, but also beautiful. Blooming from early summer through fall, the semi-double flowers start off a shade of yellow cream and turn to bright white with a contrasting center of golden yellow stamens. Don’t deadhead the spent blooms in the fall as it forms bright orange rose hips that can be used for jams and jellies and provide seasonal interest.

Easy Elegance® Sunrise Sunset

As the name implies, Sunrise Sunset is a stunning blend, with bright fuchsia-pink petals blending to apricot near the centers. Blue-green foliage is disease-resistant on this vigorously growing shrub rose. Its dense, spreading habit makes it an ideal ground cover and is also well suited to mass plantings.

Emily Carr

The newest introduction from the brand new Canadian Artists series. This upright disease-free rose is blanketed in stunning dark red flowers at the ends of the branches from late spring to late summer. Like all good Canadians, it is cold-hardy. This rose does require full sun and well-drained soil to live her best life. She will not disappoint.

Felix Lederc Agcan

Another offering from the new Canadian Artists series that is definitely worth considering. Features large double blooms of rich pink that flower over a long season and are stunning against the dark green foliage that turn yellow in fall. This unique rose can be trained as a climber or grow as a shrub and are excellent for cutting.


Frontenac Rose is an outstanding member of the Canadian Explorer series so you know its hardy and disease resistant. Smothered in stunning, fragrant, semi-double rich pink flowers with yellow eyes at the ends of the branches from late spring to late summer. This outstanding Explorer series rose is compact with a mounded habit, adaptable and great for massing in the garden.


An old-fashioned hardy shrub rose, smothered in fragrant double flowers in early summer. A repeat-bloomer featuring violet flowers with fuchsia overtones and yellow eyes at the ends of the branches. It has a tall upright habit, is very hardy and resistant to disease. Dark green deciduous foliage turn an outstanding orange in the fall.


A popular shrub rose that has double white flowers, held in large clusters that are medium sized, open wide and then fall cleanly from the plant. The plant itself is a strong Floribunda shrub that is bushy and well branched with smooth slender stems and glossy rich green foliage. Very vigorous variety that is disease resistant.

J. P. Connell

Part of the Explorer series of roses. A compact, multi-stemmed, very full shrub that has an upright, spreading growth habit which is a compact rose that is ideal for small landscapes. The roses that bloom are a lemon yellow color, intensely fragrant, and are double blooms that will mature to a creamy white color. They will continuously re-bloom until late Fall with the dark green colored foliage then turning yellow.

John Cabot

The Explorer rose is one of the hardiest upright arching shrubs or climbers. This vigorous rose is draped in stunning fragrant fuchsia flowers with hot pink overtones and yellow eyes along the branches from late spring to late summer. A disease resistant variety that makes a wonderful selection for trailing over arbors. The spiny brick red bark adds an interesting dimension to the landscape.

Morden Fireglow

One of the truly Canadian hardy shrub roses, it is clothed in stunning red orange flowers with a scarlet reverse at the ends of the branches from late spring to late summer. A colour rarely seen in hardy roses. A strong repeat bloomer. The flowers are excellent for cutting. It has dark green deciduous foliage. The oval compound leaves turn yellow in fall.

Morden Sunrise

Morden Sunrise Shrub Rose features showy lightly-scented gold flowers with peach overtones, yellow eyes and pink tips at the ends of the branches from late spring to late summer, which emerge from distinctive orange flower buds. The flowers are excellent for cutting. A beautiful contrast against the dark green deciduous foliage.


The fragrance in rugosa roses is strong and attractive and are very floriferous. Semi-double blooms of rich pure red produced singly or in clusters just cover this compact shrub. Repeat flowering throughout the season. This lovely rose has the quintessential old rose form and a most heady fragrance. Incredibly winter hardy and disease resistant.

Oso Easy Double Red

This memorable lush red rose bush is a little bigger than some growing 3-4’ tall with the same excellent disease resistance, low maintenance & continual rebloomer.

Oso Easy Lemon Zest

Light up your garden with canary yellow flowers that do not fade to white, and really light up against the glossy green foliage. It is free-flowering, producing lots of buds which open to self-cleaning flowers. Superior disease-resistance makes it oh so easy for gardeners to enjoy.

Party Hardy™

“Party” because of it’s big, old fashioned, bright pink blooms that arrive in showy clusters. “Hardy” because it is another Canadian bred rose and can be planted to Zone 3. Like any good Canadian, it actually thrives in very cold weather so is particularly suited to our frigid temperatures. Party On eh!

Ringo® Double Pink

Ringo® brings a cheerful presence to the garden, with loads of semi-double pink flowers flowers accented with bright yellow stamen surrounded by a distinctive wine-stained eye. More than just a pretty face, it is also very hardy, with glossy foliage that exhibits excellent black spot resistance.

Rosa rugosa

Rugosa Roses are also known as Japanese Roses or Rugged Roses. Japanese because they originated in Asia and Rugged because they are virtually maintenance free. Incredibly hardy with legendary disease resistance. Remarkably scented little pink flowers with yellow central stamens cover this shrub. They are followed by striking, large, edible fruit which provide a continued contrast in the fall and are enjoyed by people, birds and wildlife.


The first and still one of the finest landscape roses. Eye-catching creamy white double blooms set off by glossy dark green foliage light up the garden especially at night. A very vigorous shrub that is covered in lightly fragrant, double white flowers. Generally unaffected by any pests and diseases, it is an excellent landscaping rose for any size of garden


Sun-drenched color on an easy care rose! The elegant, classically shaped buds are red orange and open to reveal a soft orange bloom made up of several dozen petals, perfectly shaped to form a classic rose "bowl." As the blooms age, they develop a golden tone. Very disease resistant & blooms from spring through frost without deadheading.

Take it Easy™

Take It Easy, relax and enjoy life! You won't have much work to do in the garden after planting this new rose for which natural disease resistance is a true statement. The dark green, shiny & healthy foliage is the perfect background to showcase the many clustering buds and flowers. Of a classic red color, this dynamite of a rose has ideal pointy and very elegant buds. A touch of lighter pink reverse light up the show of this blooming 'machine'.

Tequila® Gold

Tequila® Gold produces bright yellow flowers almost non-stop through-out the season. Starts with deep yellow blooms that finish a light yellow and cream. It has a vigorous and bushy growth habit, making it perfect as a hedge rose. Tequila® Gold displays good resistance to black spot. Put some gold in your garden!

The Fairy

This exceptional rose gets top marks for vigor, perfect health, hardiness and its super ability to produce an abundance of graceful clusters of small, charming soft pink rosettes on a low growing shrub. A dwarf shrub rose with delicate, rosette-like, double, clear pink flowers, up to 1 in. across.

Top Gun™

The Best of the Best. That's a true statement knowing that the new variety has excellent disease resistance to major rose diseases including Rose Rosette Disease. Just this fact alone makes it a very good new introduction for the landscape. That's quite amazing! Also a high performer when it comes to bloom production. The rounded bushy well-behaved plant produces vigorous stems ending with clusters of long-lasting dark red flowers. Look no further than Top Gun!

Yukon Sun™

Imagine being kissed by the sun! Meet Yukon Gold, the newest in the 49th Parallel Series. The 49th Parallel - the line between the US and Canada - celebrated as the longest undefended border. These roses are grown for both strength and beauty. This compact, early and continuous blooming rose is reminiscent of warm sunlight set against beautiful dark green glossy foliage. Gardeners will love its 3ft x 3ft size, low-maintenance and disease tolerance features including winter hardiness to -35°C.

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