Hyacinth & Paperwhite Kits

Banish the winter blues and plant fragrant Hyacinth or Paperwhites bulbs from these handy kits.  They are fun for everyone, fast growing and fast flowering. Growing blooms from bulbs indoors is quite easy and requires little work.  Indoor bulb kits also make excellent gifts for gardeners and flower lovers everywhere.


The perennial Hyacinths that produce such vividly bright and intensely fragrant flowers in outdoor spring gardens are also well-suited for growing indoors.  The Hyacinth in glass are fabulous and delightfully fragrant. Our lineup features captivating classical hyacinths in a variety of colours.

Traditional Hyacinth plants produce piercingly bright purple flower clusters on racemes that emerge from a small, arching cluster of strap-like leaves but some cultivars produce pink, blue or white flowers.  Hyacinth blooms last longer than most bulbs—about two weeks, sometimes longer. Outdoors, hyacinth bulbs can last about three to four growing seasons if grown in a place with cold winters. Indoors, they’re usually treated as annuals.

Hyacinths are not typically grown as a perennial houseplant, but they are easy to grow.  You shoud be aware they have an intense fragrance. After flowering, the foliage is nondescript. Many gardeners buy new bulbs each year, chilling the bulbs and potting them on a timeline that ensures winter or early spring blooming, then discard the bulbs after the flowers have faded.

What could be easier than purchasing a kit that provides everything you need?   The prepared Hyacinths can be grown indoors with just water.  Each kit includes a clear Hyacinth glass, a large bulb and instructions.  It is that simple.

Paperwhites – Narcissus

Paperwhites (Narcissus papyraceus) are popular indoor plants for winter with their clusters of fragrant, white blooms.

Paperwhite bulbs can be forced into bloom almost anytime. But it is very common to do it over the winter months as a tempting harbinger of springtime. Because the bulbs typically take four to six weeks to bloom, you’ll need to time the planting for blooms to appear when you want them. For instance, if you want Christmas blooms, start forcing the bulbs about mid-November.  Once they’ve bloomed, discard the paperwhite bulbs. Paperwhites have a distinct scent. Some people find it pleasant while others find it odd and very sweet-smelling. If you notice an unusual fragrance in your room, it might be coming from your paperwhites.

Paperwhite kits have everything you need to grow a cluster of fragrant white blooms when you need it most – during the winter months.


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