Amaryllis – Holiday Favourites

Amaryllis looks like it would be a difficult plant to grow, but it really couldn’t be easier.  The incredible beauty of this flower, especially in the middle of winter, will have you wondering why you haven’t done it sooner.

It doesn’t require much but planting in a quality potting soil is essential.  Other than that, you just need to water regularly and provide bright, indirect light and perhaps you may want to put in a support stake.  If you have purchased the Amaryllis without a pot, you will of course need to buy a pot, about 6- 8 inches for one bulb will suffice.  Make sure the pot is heavy because this flower can get quite top heavy as it grows and you don’t want it to tip over.

The biggest mistake novice gardeners make is to plant the bulb upside down.  Be sure to plant the Amaryllis bulb with the pointed-end-up.  Pack the potting soil gently around the bulb so approximately one-third of the bulb remains above the soil line. Please note that soil from your outside garden will not drain properly, so you do need to make sure you are planting with a quality potting soil.

Now all you have to do is make sure your little bulb has been placed in a location that receives bright, indirect light. When first planted, you will want to water sparingly.  When you see about 2″ of new growth, you will want to start watering regularly.  As the plant grows, turn the pot periodically to encourage the flower stalks to grow straight.  You may want to think about staking it as well, if necessary.  Flower buds will appear at the top of each stalk, followed by everything you have been waiting for – a dramatic floral display. The blooms will last longer if you keep them out of direct sunlight.

Please be aware that most varieties will begin blooming six to eight weeks after planting; some can take as long as ten weeks so if you are thinking about a Holiday Amaryllis, you will have to plan accordingly.

Bloom Time

This will give you a general idea of when you’re Amaryllis will bloom and when you should plant the bulb. Amaryllis usually takes about 6 to 8 weeks to bloom but you will want to check on the variety you have purchased as some bloom faster than others.  If you are uncertain, feel free to check with one of our knowledgeable staff members at Glen Echo for more information.

Planting date Bloom timeframe
Oct. 15 Nov. 19-Dec. 10
Nov. 1 Dec. 6-27
Nov. 15 Dec. 20-Jan. 10

Amaryllis Apple Blossom

Award-winning Amaryllis 'Apple Blossom' an old-time favorite that was introduced in 1954. A very popular pink Amaryllis, it is a real knockout with its large, funnel-shaped, white flowers up to 7 inches across brushed with soft pink adorned with a bright green throat lined with a ring of red dots. Each bulb produces 2-3 stems and 4-6 flowers per stem. Long lasting blooms appear 6- 8 weeks after planting.

Amaryllis Holiday Bloom Blitzen

Christmas Blooming Amaryllis have been specially cultivated to flower earlier than other standard Amaryllis - usually 30 to 35 days after being potted up. Blitzen features bold white stripes on bright red, double petals. These Amaryllis are ideal for Christmas gift giving as they’ll bring a splash of colour to the festive season!

Amaryllis Holiday Bloom Comet

If you want Amaryllis in bloom for Christmas, you want to plant it the beginning to middle of November as a general rule. Comet offers some traditional holiday colours with its single red blooms streaked with white stripes. Christmas Blooming varieties tend to produce foliage together with the flower stems thus giving them a much more full appearance.

Amaryllis Holiday Bloom Cupid

It's impossible to walk past an amaryllis in full bloom without admiring it. Those huge flowers in bright, cheery colors are truly dazzling. Plus, this plant blooms for several weeks in the winter, usually just in time for the holidays. Cupid will bloom 4-6 weeks after planting into pretty pinky red blooms with small yellow tipped stamen.

Amaryllis Holiday Bloom Dancer

Amaryllis bulbs don't need much of your attention during the busy winter season but this beautiful Amaryllis will dance right into your heart. All you have to do is give your plant a warm, brightly lit spot and a weekly watering. Then, those plain-looking bulbs will soon become beautiful showstoppers.

Amaryllis Holiday Bloom Dasher

Amaryllis Dasher is absolutely fabulous as it soars into the holiday season with this gorgeous, gigantic, over the top, soft white, single flowers tinged with blush pink. Amaryllis ‘Dasher’ makes the perfect holiday gift but if you want it to be blooming during the holidays, think about planting early to mid November.

Amaryllis Holiday Bloom Prancer

The red & white blooms will prance and dance their way into your list of holiday favorites. As Prancer's petals begin to unfurl, a white star emerges, forming on both the inner and outer strawberry-red petals. Once in full bloom, the star almost twinkles, captivating all who see them.

Amaryllis Holiday Bloom Rudolph

Bring a splash of colour to the festive season! This rosy-red Amaryllis that is as bright as Rudolph's nose, will certainly bring the holiday cheer into your home this season! The series of Christmas Amaryllis have been bred to flower earlier than standard Amaryllis and need only 30 to 35 days to bloom.

Amaryllis Holiday Bloom Vixen

The alluring Amaryllis with its spirited velvety, deep red blooms, will have you celebrating during the holidays. As a part of the Christmas Amaryllis series, this Amaryllis will produce foliage together with the flower stems that will give the plant a fuller appearance. It also blooms in a shorter time - 30 to 35 days.

Amaryllis Mont Blanc

Graceful, exotic-looking blooms are perfect additions to your indoor décor this holiday season! A flamboyant beauty with large, creamy-white flowers, up to 7 in. across (17 cm), adorned with a vivid green throat. Its high flower count (5-6 blooms per stem) and tall scapes make it a popular cut flower.

Amaryllis Red Lion

Intense, bright, red is the color that Amaryllis are most famed for. Jumbo Amaryllis Red Lion is the all-time favorite variety for spectacular red Amaryllis and a great choice for the holidays. Quality bulbs ensure peak performance and flowering.

Amaryllis Red Pearl

A sensational Amaryllis, Red Pearl® has very wide petals about 6-8 inches across and a velvety, dark crimson red with an even darker throat. If you look at the flower up close, you can see delicate wine-colored lines. The flowers have a diameter 21" high with 4 flowers per stem and blooms in 6-10 weeks.

November Amaryllis Flamenco Queen

Grab your sombrero and castanets and celebrate the Flamenco Queen. An Amaryllis with a very balanced colours, it has deep red brush marks, against a calm white background and cool green centre. Make sure you pick one up before they are gone!

November Amaryllis Picotee

The Picotee is a dwarf amaryllis and has flowers of bright-white with light-pink flushes and a beautiful thin, dark-red trim throughout each petal. It grows up to 2 feet high and makes a great forced flower. With its bright, lime-green center, the flower is stunning and is a true head-turner.

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