Plants that Help

Companion Plant Influences

Some plants repel specific pests, and are good companions for plants that are attacked by them. Other plants excude a substance which chemically inhibits the growth of plants.

Species Attracts Repels/Inhibits Common Companion Crops
Allium Aphids, peas Roses, daffodils, tulips, aphid hosts in vegetable garden
Beans, bush Inhibits onions Carrots, cauliflower, beets, cucumbers, cabbage
Borage Tomato Worm Strawberry, Tomato
Broccoli/Cabbage Tomato Dill, celery, chamomile, sage, beets, onions, potatoes
Carrots Dill Onion, leeks, herbs, lettuce, peas
Catnip Small beneficials Catnip tea repels flea beetles
Celery Leeks, tomatoes, cauliflower, cabbage, bush beans
Chamomile Small beneficials Onions, cabbage family
Dill Small beneficials Inhibits carrot Cabbage, beets, lettuce, onion
Eggplant Potato bugs Potatoes
Fennel Inhibits many species Plant by itself
Garlic Aphids, Japanese beetles, mites, deer, rabbits Roses and many vegetables
Hyssop Bees Cabbage moth, radish Grapes, cabbage
Kohlrabi Potatoes, beans Onions, beers, cukes, cabbage family crops
Marigold Nematodes, Mexican bean beetles Tomatoes, beans, potatoes
Nasturtium Aphids Squash Bugs Trap crop with cabbage family
Nicotiana Potato Bugs Potatoes
Orach Inhibits potato
Parsley Small beneficials Interplant with carrot, rose
Petunia Mexican bean beetles Beans
Potato Repels Mexican bean beetles/Inhibits tomato, squash, sunflower, raspberry Beans, corn, cabbage, eggplan, horseradish, marigold
Rue Japanese beetle Inhibits many plants
Sage Cabbage moth, carrot flies Cabbage family, carrots
Sunflowers Inhibits nitrogen-fixing bacteria, potatoes Corn, cukes
Stinging nettle Small beneficials Almost all plants benefit
Summer Savory Mexican bean beetles Beans
Thornapple Deters Japanese beetles Beans
Tidytips Small beneficials With aphid hosts
Tomato Asparagus beetle Asparagus, gooseberries, roses