For award-winning landscape Design and Construction!

This video clip is an actual landscape and pool installation executed by Glen Echo Nurseries and its preferred contractors and is intended to give potential clients a better understanding of the entire process from start to finish.

As seen here, step one is an initial meeting with one of our landscape designers and the client to determine exactly what their needs, budget and time frame are. This is achieved through a process of meetings on-site and/or at our landscape offices. Once it has been determined what the landscape goals are, a designer will complete a scaled computerized drawing and quotation for your approval. At this time revisions and changes can be made. Remember to always check with your local municipality to find out what permits you require prior to starting any work.

Glen Echo Nurseries will work in conjunction with various contractors required to complete the entire process ie. pool installers, fencing, hydro/electrical, plumbing, irrigation, gas, etc. Once all the contractors are in place we will co-ordinate with each one to carry out the process. Glen Echo Nurseries can recommend reputable pool installers in your area.

The first step is excavation of the ground to insert the pool shell. Determining the pools finished elevation is also an important factor for drainage. As shown here, trenches are dug for all necessary services such as electrical, water lines, irrigation, gas, lighting, etc. Once these have been completed it is back filled and compacted.

Step two is concrete. In this project a concrete apron has been formed around the pool in order to mortar on a natural stone coping or decorative edging. Concrete is also used as the base for pool equipment sheds and cabanas and is poured at this time as well.

As shown here preparing a solid base and compacting the aggregates is critical to the successful outcome of the job and its ability to handle the changing weather elements over the years.

To retain the grade in the back portion of this yard we used large Armour stones. Glen Echo has many years of experience and expertise in working with these and many other natural stones, including flag stone, Wiarton stone, limestone, natural steps, etc. At our garden centre location we always have a large inventory and variety of natural stone to choose from. Stone can be used for pool coping, walkways, steps, water falls and other features. If you are looking for something special we are also able to place orders with the many quarries we deal with.

Depending on the project, on some occasions walls and steps are installed prior to the pool allowing for better accessibility to the area. In this particular project we installed a large area utilizing Interlocking Pavers. At Glen Echo we will assist you in choosing the right product; colour, style and price to best suit your lifestyle. This product requires that there will be intensive cutting work and as with any construction site there will be dust and/or mud. It is best to keep all windows and doors closed during this time.

Once all the pavers have been installed special polymeric sand is evenly spread over the area, swept into the joints and then compacted. Any excess sand is removed. The sand is then misted with water which then in turn allows it to solidify. This ensures that the pavers are safe for pedestrian traffic and also reduces the likelihood of weeds coming through.

Now the icing on the cake, the pool liner is installed. This is done when the project is near completion to avoid any damage to the pool. At this time in the project all other services required for your backyard have also been installed. Your pool is now ready for water.

Another green and cost effective option that you may want to consider is Solar heating panels. This project had the ideal location and area to install these solar roof panels. These solar panels can greatly reduce your pool heating bill. We would be pleased to introduce you to reputable suppliers of this service should you wish to get an estimate.

At this point any old or new, functional and decorative fencing can be completed.

Your landscape design also includes all recommended plant material such as trees, shrubs, flowers, to make your backyard dream a reality. At this time all landscaping is completed by our crews and any lawn repairs are also done.

Add a little sunshine and warm temperatures to that and you are now ready to enjoy your new pool and backyard!

Glen Echo is a family owned and operated business for over fifty years. We take great pride in creating beautiful landscapes for our clientele. We invite you to inquire about making your potential landscape dreams a reality! Large or small, we can help.

Striving to provide the highest quality custom landscapes & designs, specializing in:

  • Planting services, ie. trees/shrubs, perennials and mulch
  • Stonework, including interlocking pavers, natural & precast steps, driveways, walkways, patios, flagstone installations.
  • Structural retaining walls, ie. armour stone, pre-cast & natural stone walls.
  • Both decorative & natural rock gardens
  • Complete landscape lighting, both low-voltage & LED
  • Water features, waterfalls, bubbling rocks.
  • Design consultations
  • Inital Design, Landscape plans & layouts (CAD, Dynascape)
  • Photo rendering

 An attractive landscape contributes to property value and makes a welcoming statement.  Mature and overgrown landscapes can be beautifully renovated, and new homes can be given an instant transformation.

Your pride and pleasure in your property’s transformation will be enjoyed and realized over many years to come. Our professionally trained Design staff can bring your dream landscape project to life.