More and more people are growing or considering growing their own herbs and vegetables these days, in part, out of concern about the use of pesticides and the increasing cost of food.

We like to know where our food has come from and what has been used on it so, what better way than growing our own. Savour the remarkable flavour of fresh produce and enjoy the health benefits of growing your own.

Most herbs and vegetables require full sun, meaning at least 6 hours of direct sun, and loose, well-drained soil at least 8 inches deep. To improve your soil, dig in organic material such as compost or well-rotted manure in the fall and the following spring. Top dress your plot with 4 to 5 inches of organic material and let nature do the rest.

Herbs are grown for culinary use as well as to enhance your health and well-being. Many can be used as a tea for fevers, sore throat, digestive ailments and to aid in sleeping. Salves can be made to ease bee stings, chapped hands and rashes. There is nothing like a soak in an aromatic bath to relax or ease body aches. We carry over 75 herbs including organic varieties.

We also carry an extensive selection of vegetable seeds and seedlings including many organic varieties. With your vegetable plot, practice crop rotation to improve your soil, control insects and diseases.

Many herbs and vegetables do very well as container plants but, do avoid small containers. Combining certain varieties will actually enhance the plants as well as looking attractive. Companion planting has been practiced for centuries and is becoming increasingly popular today.

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