Christmas Trees have arrived!

Which tree is the best tree for your family?

Of course, we love the real thing.  There is nothing better than a delicious smelling evergreen tree during the holiday season.  Nothing says Christmas quite like a fragrant, real tree.  It is truly the smell of Christmas.  A full, freshly cut Christmas tree gives you that Christmas feel – it will inspire you and fill your home with the Christmas Spirit.  There is something special about choosing the best Christmas tree and can be fun for the whole family.

While there are some pros to everlasting trees such as less needles dropped and you can reuse an artificial tree for years, it is never quite the same as the real thing.  The Fraser Fir will last throughout the season without dropping too many needles and the Balsam Fir will fill your house with the most magnificent scent of Christmas.

Fresh-cut Christmas trees vs. fake trees.

Some people feel bad about cutting down trees but we aren’t mowing down the forests.  Christmas Trees are farmed like any other crop on land that will not usually sustain any other crop.  Tree farmers will most often plant at least 1 tree for every one that is cut down.  Also, the trees are cleaning the air while they are growing, which takes about 8 to 12 years.

Then you have to compare it to the artificial trees that are made of PVC and steel.  You should be conscious of the greenhouse gases that are expelled in the transportation and production of artificial trees.  Not to mention the disposal of them.  They are either burned which increases air pollution or they will lay in a landfill, seeping toxins into the environment for years.

It takes about 10 years of use for an artificial tree to balance its carbon footprint.  It is misleading to think a fake tree is greener when a fresh-cut tree is carbon neutral from the start.   Either way, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas.



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