Christmas Trees have arrived!

Which tree is the best tree for your family? Of course, we love the real thing.  There is nothing better than a delicious smelling evergreen tree during the holiday season.  Nothing says Christmas quite like a fragrant, real tree.  It is truly the smell of Christmas.  A full, freshly cut Christmas tree gives you that […]


Glen Echo Nurseries stocks seasoned Ash Firewood which is considered the best overall Firewood.  Ash is readily available and it is a very dense wood but easily split.  It has a long lasting burn rate while producing low smoke levels. You may be wondering what ‘seasoned’ firewood is.  Basically, it means sufficiently ‘dried’.  It is […]

Wild Bird Food

 Designed With The Right Birds In Mind Armstrong prides itself on our expertise about North American Wild Birds. They know the right birds that are common at backyard bird feeders. And they know the right foods they enjoy eating the most! When it comes to general backyard birds, it’s fine to offer these supplements. During […]

Monarch Butterflies – Endangered!

A bit about Monarch Butterflies Monarch butterflies are one of the most recognized butterflies native to North America.   A very beautiful species of butterfly, known for their large, colourful wings of orange and black.  We know that pollinators are responsible for 1 out of every 3 bites of food we consume making Monarch Butterflies a […]