Healthy Snacks by “Sugar Free Please” have arrived!

Ketogenic ~ Diabetic ~ Celiac Friendly     All of the products are High fibre/Low carb, Vegetarian or Vegan, 0 grams of sugar, Keto, Diabetic/Celiac safe, Grain & Legume free, Prebiotic, and all have Alkaline PH levels. The Ingredients They love to use functional foods, supplements and superfoods in all of their treats. If it doesn’t […]

How to maintain a Healthy Lawn in 7 Simple Steps

Since Herbicides came off the market in Ontario in 2009, many homeowners puzzle over the right strategy to keep their lawns healthy.  Fear not!  All the turf management tools you are listed for you below.  Proper lawn care techniques, done at the correct time, can make your lawn greener than it has ever been. Step […]